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Our Other Rescues

Meet "Chance" our Chocolate Lab, his before & after pictures tell most of his story!

His 1st day here with us, look how starved he was!


Chance 3 months later, look at the sparkle in his eyes now!


Amazing what good food and care can do in a short time!


"Chance's Story"
He was found on the streets of Webster Parish by a member of the Humane Association and was brought to a vet clinic in Minden La. I just happen to be there at the same time dropping off one of my clients' dogs for boarding. He licked my hand as he walked by. As I looked at him my heart cried, there he was so thin, his back leg was dangling yet he still had that ray of hope in his eyes and so kind to lick my hand. She had brought him there to board him until it was decided just what to do for him, but it looked very grim. He was an older dog with a broken leg and later it was found out that he was heart worm positive. I called my friends at the Webster Humane and asked what was going to happen to him. I was told that he would probably be put down because of his age and medical issues, he would be to hard to adopt out. I said, NO, just give me the weekend to make arrangements and get some help and he will come home with me. I did just that, I searched and contacted everyone & anyone that would help me save him. One rescue, Dixieland Dog Rescue paid for his heart worm evaluation at their vet and another offered to pay to fix his leg if it needed to be. That was all the help I needed! After his exam, it was discovered that he had been shot and that the leg had healed but was not usable, and he was started on a heart worm monthly treatment because of his age (approx. 7-8 yrs). My thoughts at this time was that I would give him the best life possible for whatever time he would have left. Just because he was old, did not not mean he had to die! He wasn't in any pain, he just needed to be cared for and loved!
Three months later as you can see, he is doing wonderful! He is now able to run and play. The broken bone in his leg fused and now he can use it just fine! He will drag you down the driveway! He is also heart worm free after a year of treatment! He has been with us for over a year now, and the love and joy that he has given us is "Priceless"!


May he run Happy & Free with us until his life is over!

We Love you "Chance"!

A Poem I wrote for "Chance"


For The Love of “Chance”

I stole her heart when her eyes met mine

with just a lick of her hand,

she looked at me, smiled and said

it's going to be alright "little man".

Just give me some time to make a few calls,

just you wait and see,

We're going to make you well again,

back to as good as you can be!

As she walked out the door I thought to myself,

I have heard those words before

from others who said they'd be back but

I never saw them anymore.

To my surprise there she was

just as she said she would be,

with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes

this is what she said to me,

We're going to make you well again,

just as good as you can be,

I am naming you "Chance" my friend

because Today, you are coming home with me!


                                Your Guardian Angel




Meet Macy,

Macy 1st night here.


Poor baby itched so bad we were up all night!


Amazing what a few weeks of care can do!


Macy, just a few weeks later!

Look at the "Angel" on her chest!

We weren't even sure what color she was going to be!


"Macy's Story"
One evening, just before dark I placed an order for some food from a restaurant just a mile from home. I couldn't wait to get it and get back home with plans to sit and watch my taped soaps, I had the house all to myself that night, Mark was out of town. After taking my shower, I got dressed and drove to go get my dinner. Just after turning on to the street where the restaurant was I noticed something on the side of the road just outside of the woods. I said out loud, oh my goodness, is that a puppy? Make next words were, "God, please, oh Please don't let that be a puppy"! I had to stop and take a look, thinking that if it was, it would surely run back into the woods. As I walked around the front of my truck, there she was or what I thought sort of looked like a puppy, she slowly crawled to me crying. I said, Oh My God, you poor baby, it's going to be okay. I slowly picked her up looking at all the sores from ant bites and fleas everywhere! I opened my back door placing her inside the portable kennel that I always kept in there. I started crying just listening to her crying while saying out loud, "God, all I wanted to do tonight was get my food and watch my soaps, BUT NOOOOO, you had other plans for me tonight! And so he did, I took her home, called my vet and explained just what I had found and he explained to me just what I could do for the night.
I bathe her to get all the fleas off, her skin was bleeding as the scabs were cracking. I rubbed different kinds of ointments on her all night to help stop the itching but not much helped. We sat in the bathroom all night long, everytime I got into bed she would start crying and shaking. So we sat there all night long, it was a very long night  all I could hear was this same tv commercial for Macy's Department store on my television set playing over & over again. The next morning I took her to the closest vet I could find. After looking at her he said she didn't have much of a chance, and that it would take a very long time to try to clear up the sores & mange that she had. He offered to put her down, But as always, I said NO! He gave me some dip for the mange & meds for the itching and after a few more nights of no sleep and treatment & lots of love,,,,,here she is! Guess you figured out where she got her name from by now!


Macy now, almost a year old, she was about 9 weeks old when I found her!

What an "Angel" she is!

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In Loving Memory of Abraham,
May a Bloodhound Never be without a
"Loving Home" ever again!

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