"For-Ever Home" Bloodhound Sanctuary

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Our Sanctuary

After many, many months of hard work, blood, sweat & tears we are almost finished!
Here are some pictures of our sanctuary, from the beginning.


Now, the real work begins! The inside will take the longest to get ready. Notice the trees in the background, the leaves are falling. As I said before, many, many months of work for just 2 people!


Mr. Bentley & Clementine are trying out their new runs. Each has a large inside area with plenty room to stretch and move around in. Each indoor area is large enough for 2 large bloodhounds to sleep comfortably if necessary or in cases where a bonded pair doesn't want to be alone.


Mr. Bentley getting ready for bed. He thinks this is a really nice place!


Hey guys, I am ready to get out of here! Murphy prefers being in the house!


Thanks ya'll for taking me in! Oh Mr. Bentley, you are soooo welcome! Is it my turn to come in the house yet? Well, I'm just going to sit here and look at you until you come get me!


Each Bloodhound has their own doggie door and outside run that opens into the huge play yard.


The  play yard is  100' x 100' and shaded with beautiful Oak trees to keep them cool on hot summer days. Each dog gets hours of playtime each day either by themselves or with a friend.


Here's the view of their outdoor runs from the play yard. Each outdoor run is 16' long by 5' wide. There is one larger outdoor run just incase someone has a friend over!


Meet Scooby, he's just checking things out and liking all these trees! This Big guy is needing some serious groceries and he has come to the right place! He came to us extremely underweight at 89 lbs. We are happy to report that today Scooby is 110 lbs and looking Great! New pictures coming soon!


Hi there, Momma Karen says you should never be able to see a bloodhound's ribs or hip bones like this, hmm, guess they didn't know that back in Texas. She said for me not to worry, she can fix me right up!
Up-Date!!! Scooby was adopted last year and is now a working bloodhound with his new owner on the Baytown Police Dept. , in Baytown,TX. He is doing Awesome! Congatulations Scooby & Jeff We are sooo Proud of both of you!


Hi,,,,,, Murphy here again, see I told you these sad eyes would get me in the main house, you just can't give up too easily! I am now trying for a place in their king size bed,,,, I'll let you know when that happens! (notice that I said "when" not "if") All of our foster dogs come in the main house and spend time just hanging out with us. Each are learning some house manners!


Mom says I am Great at sucking up! And to think someone was going to have me gassed, I don't think that I would have liked that to much,,,,,,,, boy I sure got lucky!


 There is still a lot to get done and finishing the interior will be next but for now the dogs are all happy and very cozy with their new living quarters. I haven't heard any complaints! I will be adding new pictures as we get more completed.


In Loving Memory of Abraham,
May a Bloodhound Never be without a
"Loving Home" ever again!

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