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All About Bloodhounds

 About the Bloodhound
Bloodhounds are the oldest of the scent hounds and this breed having the keenest sense of smell. That means the bloodhound is popular as a working dog in tracking a police suspect or in a search and rescue operation. A bloodhound is one of the few breeds whose testimony can be upheld in a court of law.
Bloodhounds are big and powerfully built. They have a history that extends back to the 7th Century AD in France. The name bloodhound was derived from the expression "blooded hound," meaning a hound of pure breeding. When a bloodhound owns you, you have an incredible responsibility to them. They are big, they slobber, and they eat a lot. They have absolutely no road sense at all so you need to protect them with a fenced yard and walk them only with a lead. In return the bloodhound will be incredibly devoted, loving and they tend to constantly warm your heart
A Brief History
The bloodhound is one of the oldest breeds of dogs that hunt by scent. They are distinguished from other dogs by their pendulous ears, loose skin and extraordinary olfactory powers. It is believed that the bloodhounds of today originated from two ancient strains of European hounds, the St. Huberts and the Talbots dating to the 7th and 8th centuries.
The bloodhound came to prominence when William the Conqueror brought them to England, where they were originally used as game hunting dogs. During colonization in the new world, the dogs were brought to America. Their true gift as amazing and remarkable man-trailing dogs was at last recognized. The bloodhound soon became famous as the dog with the NOSE!
Today, the bloodhound is the only breed that has the ability to scent discriminate human scent, and only trained bloodhounds evidence can be accepted in a court of law. This skill is unmatched by any other breed of dog. Remarkably this same dog may be on a trail one day, in the show ring or obedience ring the next and laying on your couch or romping with your kids the day after that! The bloodhound is capable of being a serious working dog and the most clownish lovable pet you will ever own, if you take the time to train him properly throughout his life.

Care for All Bloodhounds
Select and visit a veterinarian with your new puppy. Your vet will provide a general well-dog check-up and establish an immunization schedule. Your dog's health will benefit from your attention to some specific areas:
Eyes should be cleaned daily. If there is any debris in the eyes, wipe them clean. If they should appear cloudy, go to the vet immediately. Eye problems must be taken very seriously. Don't hesitate to have your dog's eyes examined if they don't appear healthy to you.
Ears should be cleaned weekly. Use a good ear cleaner recommended by your breeder or vet. This must be done diligently as problems can arise quickly.
Coats need brushing every week. This eliminates dead hair. Check the dewlap area (under the neck) routinely for any hair loss or possible irritation. A good habit of routine maintenance will help your dog look, feel and smell better.
Nails should be cut every two weeks. They HATE it! Begin as soon as you get your dog and persevere. They do not make this an enjoyable task, but with patience and consistency, you will get the job done. If it is something you don't want to do, then have your vet or a groomer regularly trim the nails.

We'll give information about how and where to volunteer time and energy very soon!

Make a Donation
Make checks payable to:
For-Ever Home
c/o Karen Gillespie
201 Gillespie Drive
Doyline, La. 71023

At this time, all information concerning donations can be acquired by e-mailing us for instructions, thank you.

In Loving Memory of Abraham,
May a Bloodhound Never be without a
"Loving Home" ever again!

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